Dream Travel Destination On A Budget

June 24, 2019

What is your dream travel destination? Have you ever wished that you could jump on a plane to your dream destination without having to break the bank?

And I agree traveling is EXPENSIVE! But, we can show you practical ways on how to make this dream a reality that is easy to the pocket.

Save on the plane fare.

Knowledge is power. Use that skill on researching websites that allows you to compare prices from different airlines to your destination of choice. Subscribe to your favorite airline for sale announcements. Another tip is to book 6 weeks prior to your departure date.

Ditch peak seasons.

Aside from the low rates, there are myriad of reasons why you should travel during the off-season. Wouldn’t it be great to have your dream destination all to yourself? No need to wait in line or squeezing yourself amidst pack crowds to take Instagram worthy pictures.

Pack light.

Check-in luggage can cost a ton of money. Make sure to check your luggage requirements with your airline. Bring clothes that you can mix and match. Wear heavy clothing instead of packing them in your suitcase.

Find cost-effective accommodation.

Most hotels don’t come cheap. If your mind is set for a hotel, make sure to compare the prices on different websites. If you seek adventure, why not try capsule hotels or dormitory type hotels? For an over the top experience, you can also try couch surfing.

Be resourceful.

Whether your dream destinations include Maldives or Bahamas, or perhaps Euro tour, there will always be other alternate options with the same travel experience. You might discover hidden treasures that the world has yet to see. They might be better than popular destinations such as the hidden gem of Vietnam, Hon Xuong Island.

The world is yours for the taking. Go pack your bags!