Best Lighthouses In Maine: Excellent Guides For Sea Travelers

February 23, 2023
Best lighthouses in Maine, excellent technological advancement.

Best Lighthouses in Maine

If you are into exploring a lighthouse, you should try the Maine lighthouses. This article can provide you a list of them that are worth visiting. Do you have time to spend with me? Yes? Perfect! Let’s get it on!

Best lighthouses in Maine to guide our sea travelers, especially during foggy weathers,

Sea travelers cannot remove the fact that there will be weathers that are often foggy. In effect, they can be in great danger approaching the shorelines. Fortunately, modern technology has helped our seafarers can safely come to the shorelines. In this case, let me give you a few of the lighthouses that you can find in Maine.

1 Portland Head Light

You can find this lighthouse on Cape Elizabeth, which is the oldest lighthouse among the other lighthouses. The completion of this tower was last 1791. It underwent a rise of eight feet during the Civil War to help ships spot the harbor more easily. Visitors can also view Portland Head Light from the picnic areas and trails of Fort Williams Park. George Washington ordered its construction before he even became the official president.

2 West Quoddy Head Light house

West Quoddy Head Light is famous for its body paint, which is a candy stripe paint scheme. The lighthouse is in Quoddy Head Park, a place to catch the first glimpse of sunrise. It is also an excellent spot to see whales, such as humpbacks. Thomas Jefferson commissioned the original one.

3 Wood Island Lighthouse

Meanwhile, you can find this lighthouse along the Saco River. However, you can only access this using a boat. US Coast Guard operates this lighthouse. On the other hand, the nonprofit Friends of the Wood Island Light assists in maintaining and renovating the buildings on the island.

4 Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse

You can find this lighthouse in South Portland, built last 1897. Aside from viewing the lighthouse, visitors can also fish or have a picnic along the breakwater. Additionally, Spring Point Ledge is excellent for history enthusiasts.

5 Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

Another lighthouse is in Bristol, wherein its former keeper’s house had a history museum. Additionally, it is still an active Coast Guard beacon. However, visitors can tour the facility.

More Lighthouse in Maine Open to the Public or Not?

Generally speaking, we have listed some more lighthouse. However, a few of these are no longer open for public viewing. You may see the details below.

  • Cape Neddick Lighthouse: They often refer to it as the Nubble Light but is no longer open for visitors.
  • Whaleback Lighthouse: This lighthouse is located in Kittery, border of Maine and New Hampshire. Since it is offshore, visitors can’t easily access it.
  • Burnt Island Lighthouse: Second to the oldest and a rebuilt of the keeper’s house happened in 1857. Additionally, it is still accessible.
  • Bass Harbor Lighthouse: The lighthouse located in the village of Bass Harbor marks the entry on the southwestern coastline of Mount Desert Island.
  • Marshall Point Lighthouse: It is in Southern Maine, and visitors can still have a tour in this 24-foot structure.

These tower lights are excellent guides to our sea travelers. Additionally, the location of each harbor light depends on the shorelines and sea level. Overall, a lighthouse helps seafarers maintain safety along the coastlines.


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