Tide Chart & Saltwater Fishing Report

The number for each high and low tide indicates the height in feet above or below sea level. This chart shows tides for the mid-coast of York County; tide times are a few minutes earlier to the north (Old Orchard Beach) and a few minutes later to the south (York Beach). Tides are affected by the weather and cycles of the moon, and the actual times and tide heights can differ slightly from the predictions below.

New Federal & State Fishing Regulations

•  Fishermen may keep one striped bass per angler, 28 inches in length or more.
• The new bag limit for codfish is zero. Anglers can no longer keep any codfish landed on a hook and line regardless of size.


Saltwater Fishing Report: Striped Bass Primary Target for Anglers

Fishing along the southern Maine coastline was very good during the past week. For the anglers that put their time in early in the morning, there is plenty of quality fishing to enjoy.
Striped bass continue to be the primary target for inshore anglers as they wait for the first big schools of bluefish to push into the area. Haddock, jumbo pollock, tuna and sharks are being caught on the offshore grounds.


Jack Nee from Texas poses with a 38-inch striped bass he caught aboard the Striper Swiper on July 3rd.

Kennebunkport: The fishing from Cape Porpoise to Wells Bay has been relatively steady. Some days are a little more challenging than others and require some extra patience, but there is plenty of bait and an impressive amount of stripers in the area.

The Kennebunk River has been producing impressive catches of stripers including several keeper-sized fish. The river is loaded with small sand eels that the bass have been gorging on and is the reason the striper population has recently increased. There are still no bluefish landings to report.

Wells, Ogunquit: Brandy from Webhannet River Bait and Tackle told me fishing remains very productive. There were many nice sized stripers taken from the surf this week and a few trophy sized bass caught in the Mousam River.

Mackerel fishing has been consistent, with fish landings from tinker-size to monsters. There will be favorable high evening tides this week that Brandy thinks should produce some good results for people fishing the shoreline near Marginal Way in Ogunquit.

York: Captain Jeremy Reynold from the charter boat Jenna-Raquel reported bait is plentiful along the southern Maine coast, so the stripers have been very active. He has caught both small fish and large fish along the rocks and beaches this week. The ground fishing is great offshore but Jeremy did not go for any aboard his boat this week.

Goose Rocks Beach: Captain Steve Brettell reported it was a tough week getting around in the fog, but the fish are still biting well.  The early morning fly fishermen are enjoying great success. Steve has recently has his best results using live mackerel for bait.

Saco River and Saco Bay: Captain Cal Robinson of Saco Bay Guide Service told me the fishing has slowed down to some extent but is still very strong. Bigger bass have been harder to come by, but he can usually catch one or two keepers on any given day. Mackerel have reappeared and are back in force. Trolling tube and worm rigs in the Saco River were very productive this week, as was drifting with chunks of mackerel for bait.

From June to October, fishing and sight-seeing is offered by Captain Greg Metcalf along the Kennebunkport coastline aboard the custom 23-foot Striper Swiper. Captain Greg Metcalf has more than 30 years of experience sport-fishing in the Northeast. Call Captain Greg year-round at 401-617-9265, email greg@captaingregmetcalf or visit www.captaingregmetcalf.com